Breed Spotlight: Silky Terrier

This breed was created in the 1800s by crossing an Australian Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are playful, loving and active dogs. Due to their small size their exercise requirements can be net in smaller spaces.

Weight: 8-11 pounds

Coat: Long/ Straight

Colors: Blue and Tan

Energy Level: Very energetic

Silky Terriers have an athletic build despite being a toy breed dog. They should look as if they’re ready to go hunting for small vermin. They have small, erect, pointy ears. They also have small almond shaped eyes and a docked tail carried high. Their coat in long silky and shiny. Unlike the floor flowing coat of a Yorkie, a Silkies coat conforms to the shape of it’s body.


This tough pup would love to go hunting for vermin and is always up for a challenge. Fortunately, their hunting needs can be met by playing around the house or yard. They are loving family dogs who do well with children. They can show aggression towards other dogs and pets. They make good watchdogs but are too small to be used as protection dogs. If you want an adventurous dog on a small scale a Silky Terrier might be the perfect match.

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