4 Great Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

Being a first-time dog owner can be overwhelming. There’s so many different breeds, it’s hard to know how to pick the perfect one. Lucky for you, some breeds are pretty predictable when it comes to energy level, size, tempermant, grooming needs, and looks. Below you’ll find 5 breeds that are good for beginners and are easy to care for.

  1. Bichon Frise

This happy little dog is great for familes and apartments. Known for their fluffy white coat, Bichons are easy to train and adapt to a wide variety of lifestyles. This companion breed needs light to moderate exercise to stay happy and healthy. When kept long, their coat is high maintainance. Opt for a shorter hairstyle to lower the maintainance.

Weight7-12 pounds
Coat & ColorCurly white coat; may have traces of creme or apricot color
Life Expectancy14-15 years

2. Golden Retriever

Known as Americas favorite breed, and for good reason, Golden Retrievers are an all around good dog. They are eager to please and very gentle. They are loyal, affectionate and active. Training these dogs are quite simple, they love learning. Regular brushing will keep their coat free of tangles.

Weight55-75 pounds
Coat & ColorMedium-lenght coat; light to dark gold color
Life Expectancy10-12 years

3. Papillon

The Papillon is a happy and friendly little dog that does well in a variety of households. One of the smartest breeds, they are easy to train and enjoy a somewhat active lifestyle. They enjoy playing and running around. This is a small yet hardy breed.

Weight6-10 pounds
Coat & ColorStraight long coat with frills; white with markings and a mask of color
Life Expectancy14-16 years

4. Pug

These squishy faced dogs are consistently friendly and happy. They do well indoors and don’t tolerate hot weather so keep walks brief if it’s hot outside. Pugs are sturdy and enjoy playing. They are prone to health problems so make sure you are able to keep up with vet bills.

Weight14-18 pounds
CoatShort & easy maintaince coat
Life Expectancy12-15 years

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